complex color blends/ way in palette


Halter Neck with Gathered Key Hole

Here is my finish product on 1/2 muslin.


Block repeat….

Today was a very informative class. I learned how to do a basic block repeat using photoshop. I chose an image from google as my motif and dragged it to the desktop. From… Continue reading

How unattractive… conquering the unibrow

For my alter identity i became “the girl with the unibrow,” to say the least it was very challenging trying to convince myself of this new look and the change my face would… Continue reading

Alter identity proposal….

For my alter identity I will alter my face. I will have unibrow and a mole. During all our readings we discussed beauty, and how everyone wants to be beautiful, and thats how… Continue reading

Fashioning the Queer Self

      Whose queer whose not? What I kept thinking about in doing this reading, was metrosexuality. Especially with men, we have associated metrosexuality with being “gay.” It seems like men worry… Continue reading

Desire and dread: Alexander McQueen

McQueens collections are very intense, and personally I had never really paid attention to them. I always thoughts his pieces ¬†were over the top, and different, with his models always looking very creepy… Continue reading

Embodying the Girl in the 1960′

How many “selfs” can one individual have? In reality we can have many identities. For example in the text it refers to Jean Shrimpton being able to transform into different “selfs.” Considering she… Continue reading

Shaping of mens clothing….

In reading this chapter, I had never really focused on mens dress and their bodies. The text speaks a lot about tailoring, and how its a way of mapping the ideal fashionable body.… Continue reading