The Powerful Bodies: Zulu Arts of Personal Adornment

I visited the Fowler Museum over the weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I walked in I knew that I would feel some kind of inspiration. It was interesting to learn about the Zulu people, and how they used the beads to adorn their bodies. It was mostly interesting to see how the object takes the shape of the body, and right away you can tell what part of the body its supposed to adorned. I was mostly attracted to the use of colors, and the designs of each piece. By looking at the objects I came to the conclusion that the Zulu people might have been small people, in that every piece is very small. the object that really stood out to me was the belt/ apron piece that was traditionally worn by the women until marriage. This also gave me an idea for my final project. As I looked at this object I thought about a more contemporary style of a skirt, and something that could be detached, and or be moved on different sides of the skirt.

IMG_3335 IMG_3340IMG_3348